Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nov 10th 1850 Tournament: Army List Indecision

I have a tournament approaching on November 10th at one of our local game stores; AFK Hobbies in Holt MI.

I am going to run Chaos Space Marines and the list will be completely painted.

I am having a bit a problem making up my mind what to bring.

Would like the opinion of the readers on which list you would play to do well in the tournament and which list you would like to face across the table.

I have all the models...just need to get painting. If I get enough responses I will run the list most often commented on.

List One:

Typhus 230
Epidemus 110
27 Plague Zombies 118
6 PM's, 2 PG 174
6 PM's, 2 PG 174
6 PM's, 2MG, MB 169
5 Plague Bearers 75
7 Nurglings 91
5 Spawn, MoN 180
HelDrake, bale flamer 170
2 Obliterators, MoN 152
5 Havocs, MoN, 2 Auto Cannon, 2 Hvy Bolters 130
1 Obliterator, MoN 76
Total Points 1849

A tough CSM/EPI Combo with decent shooting, and plenty of tough bodies to deal with. This list I feel is a competitive list suited for tournaments.

List Two:
Kharn 160
7 Zerks, IoW, MB 163
7 Zerks, IoW, MB, Pwr Wpn 178
7 Zerks, IoW, MB, Pwr Wpn 178
7 Zerks, IoW, MB, Chain Axe 171
4 Spawn, MoN 144
4 Spawn, MoN 144
4 Spawn, MoN 144
Herald of Nurgle 50
5 Plague Bearers 75
8 Pick Horrors, changling, bolt 151
6 Flamers 138
6 Screamers 150
Total 1846
This list uses the Spawn as offensive lineman and runs at you to start CC asap. The Horrors, Flamers,  and Screamers annoy/distract/disrupt your opponent by providing threats in their backfield and/or flanks. By now everyone knows you can not leave Flamers and Screamers in your backfield ignored. The Herald of Nurgle and Plague Bearers take an objective and camp. There is little shooting per Se', but vehicles can still be threatened by almost every squad. This is what I would call a fun and mildly competitive list. You could do well with this list with favorable match ups. Six troop choices might keep you in the game even with heavy casualties.

List Three:

Kharn 160
Lucius 165
9 Zerks, IoW, MB, 2LC 231
9 Noise Marines, 8 Sonic blasters, MB, Doom siren, 2LC 267
Chaos Land Raider, dirge caster, havoc, combi bolter, warp flame gargolyes 257
Chaos Land Raider, dirge caster, havoc, combi bolter, warp flame gargolyes 257
HelBrute, Hvy flmer 115
HelBrute, Hvy flmer 115
3 Obliterators, MoN 228
10 cultists, flamer 55
Total Points 1850
This is a fun list. It has the capacity to deal quite a bit of damage. A good player could get more than one win out of it as well. But, a savvy general with the right tools in a medium build could decimate this list pretty quick. However, you could surprise an opponent or two if they were not expecting Land Raiders. This list needs to work as a large unit and chew up the enemy one piece at a time. Obviously cultists go in reserve and objective camp. HelBrutes try not to give up First Blood and then get stuck in....could swap them for 5 Nurgle Spawn as late minute substitution. (Yeah, Spawn of Nurgle are that good that I want some in almost every list)

Let me know what you guys (and gals if any out there) think. I will need to decide by Monday night so I can get to painting what is not already done.

As always, thanks for the read.


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