Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6th Edition Gaming Aid

 Something a little different. I have seen several posts around the interwebs for gaming aids.

I of course needed to make my own. One very good idea is a flip file.

I spend about $14 US and about 15 minutes to make.

 There is quite a large number of printed items one needs to carry in 6th edition and a good way is needed to keep it organized, accessible and "non permanent".

In other words you need to replace the information regularly.

I opted for a soft "pleather" binder with a clear front.

The reason is; I have real trouble remembering the order of steps to start a game of all things and find myself wanting to roll for table sides or warrior traits at the wrong time...or forgetting to roll for night fight etc.

This model puts the pre game stuff right on the cover where I need it most...when I am getting started.

 I took some post-it note pointed labels to apply to the see through plastic holders to indicate generated psychic powers as I roll for them each game.

Much quicker to remember and change each game.

There are empty slots for army lists, etc.

I also included the actual cards, a photo copy would have worked even better...but since  I bought them...might as well include them.

This also solved the issue of carrying around the WD with the flyer  rules for the Marines and Orks with me everywhere as well.                                                

 The only thing I am missing is the Warlord traits which I will just type up or photo copy.

I found a great pdf copy of the game set up pages HERE

Now, ,before anyone comments on copy write. These are my feelings. I bought the big book, I bought DV for the little book, I bought the cards, the chaos cards, the special dice x 2. If GW had made these reference cards for $5 bucks...would have bought them, I really don't think I, or anyone else, is taking anything from GW. But, these are just my thoughts.

Hope someone finds this helpful and looking forward to making my gaming faster and easier.

Thanks for the read,



  1. This is a great idea. Also, I'm with you on the copy right stuff. I supported the hobby by buying the big book when it came out but I have no qualms about using my ill gotten pdf version when I don't happen to have or don't feel like bringing out the big book. Especially when I'm kicking around list ideas at work!

  2. @Anon

    I agree this is not meant to infringe, and you still need the book to follow what is going on in the summary. This set up is just easier.

    I can have it open to what I want and have hands free. It also keep it out and in sight to help my tired old brain assimilate all the stuff you have to remember now.

    Every game is like a brain exercise for my memory :)

    Thanks BDS

  3. This was awesome. I usually have my lists in a three ring binder but what I saw you had in this book was great. Totally stealing the idea.

  4. @CVinton

    Thanks. This aid helped me quite a bit on the 10th during the tournament. I have a real memory block with having two rolls to get for table sides and a separate one for deployment and 1st turn. Also, forget night fight quite a bit too.

    I would say that mastering the pre game set up and how it affects your army and your opponents is a very large determination on who will win the game in most match ups.

    I may elaborate on this in a future post.

    Anyway, please feel free to use the idea. Have at it! :)




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