Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The November Objective Marker

It seems "The Objective Marker" segment of this blog has naturally fallen into a monthly article.

Warning: This post will contain some non-40k material.

But let's start off with some tournament pics from 9.1.12:

Since the last Marker I attended a tournament at AFK Hobbies in Holt, MI. The points level was 1850. The tournament was very well run, tables were very good, and all my opponents were gentleman.

Here is a pic of the first place winner.

 Here are two pics of armies I faced. The Daemon army I faced in the third round.

A bad deep strike mishap and some bad reserve rolls helped me almost table this army; while initially my foot horde was looking on in dismay.

While you can not see all the well painted miniatures in this I snapped it before he had them all displayed. This army won best painted for the day.

In a hard fought battle with much carnage the CSM/Epi combo took the day in the second round versus the noble Blood Angels.

 Some pics of the rest of the field. Some very nice, and scary looking armies from a great bunch of gamers.

I will say I have not played the Epi/CSM combo since the tournament.

When run well...this list is a little too devastating for me to play with a straight face and go home feeling good....though I still think I will keep it just for "that guy" ...or grey knights in general... :)

 Next up let's see how the weight training has been going.

1. I have not checked my body fat percentage in a long time. For those not familiar with the reason for such a goal, I would use this example:

How much does a fat 200lb man and a muscular athletic 200lb man weigh? Right, 200lb in both cases. I am aiming for the 200lb athletic muscular type...only in my case it is 280lb.

I have floated around 275-280lb(127kg) for most of the year. Strength gains have been consistent, shirts are getting tighter in right areas and the waist size of my pants remains the same.

This a satisfactory non scientific demonstration that I am headed in the right direction.

2. Speaking of achieving my weight lifting goals; I am getting close. Some of my best lifts so far:
a. Bench Press...380lb (172kg)
b. Dead lift...485lbs (220kg)
c. 2 sets of 20 pull ups with 10lb added weight
d. 275lb (125kg) for 20 reps on bench
e. 315 lb (143kg) for 12 reps on bench
f. 4 x 15 reps with 315lb on squats
g. 18 singles in 10 minutes with 405lb dead lift
h. 10 reps each arm with 60lb dumbbells for curls.

So, I am getting there.

3. I decided to not attend the Nov 17 power lifting meet due to distance, work, and the fact that I can not perform a legal competition squat with my range of motion limitations from my past injuries. I instead am planning to attend a power lifting meet in Feb' 2013 that will take place in my gym (so no travel) and will only consist of bench press...which is a great first event for the beginner power most of us are very familiar with that exercise. My goal is a meet lift of 405lb.

4. I am approaching my tournament goals and game per year goal. I am pretty excited and I am using quite a bit of self control to bring only nicely painted models to the tournament approaching this Saturday, November 10.

5. I am trying to get my goal of two complete armies done...but GW keeps coming out with one thing after another to keep me bouncing, I might need to incorporate the concept of allies into my goal to keep in line with current 6th edition changes. What I have been doing is not playing any pick up games with any models that do not at least have some paint on them. This is keeping me from jumping from one unit to another too quickly and motivating me to I really want to get the "Unit X" on the table and try it out if you follow me. On the work bench right now....Executioner Librarian, 5 Plague bearers, 14 zombies and a few more things.

That is all for now and as always thanks for the read,


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