Saturday, August 31, 2013

So.....there you are!

 So ...there you are" by ~D3vilusion on deviantART
I have not posted in some time. I have had some big changes in the work place.

I am now the State Director for the same company I worked for, however they were purchased by a much larger very well respected national company.

The change over has been very taxing and required my full attention. It is not over yet but light can be seen from the end of the tunnel.

I thought I would pop in and relay what, if anything, I have been up to. I have managed to get a couple games in here or there over the last 8 weeks or so with either generic chaos space marines or a flying monstrous creature deamon list.

I like the flying MC's, but man there is a bunch of book work to the list.

I have purchased and read the Eldar codex and have to say it would be "eh, ok" if not for the wave serpent. The wave serpent is the best vehicle in the game hands down and makes all other transports and many dakka trucks obsolete. Expect them to be everywhere as, most Eldar players had a boat load from the last time they were invincible....4th edition.

The new Space marine codex looks promising for my Punisher Legion. Dark Angels with dakka Banner + Space Marines with Khan and bike squads with new gravition weapons + some hunters and stealths = have most things well covered. Looking forward to picking this up when it drops.

Would like to play around with the new CSM supplement...oh yeah, I am excluded because I have not spent the money on an IPAD....wth?

I have been getting to the gym regular despite the crazy work schedule and you can see in my goal tracker that I have broken some new ground, particularly in the squat. I am so, so close to a 500lb squat and Dead lift and 400lb bench, pretty giddy about that for a broken down old man.

Just some random thoughts and a quick update. Looking forward to getting back into my normal swing of things soon.

Thanks for the read,


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