Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tactical Nugget: Weaken Resolve + Pavane of Slaanesh = Delete Squad of Choice

It has been a while since I last posted. So, I thought I would start with a nasty combo that I was hording to myself.

One of the things a list should be able to do is deal with death stars. Now we are seeing units like RipTides, WraithKnights, etc. that have good armour saves and high toughness or some other shenanigans.

So, I put my mind to find something, some where, that will bypass armour, toughness, shrouding, stealth and so on.

Now the Telepathy power psychic shriek and weaken resolve has been around a while; and is a good choice. Especially because psychic shriek is a primaris power and so can be potentially taken in multiples.

But the king daddy in my opinion, is the following combination:

IG elite unit "Battle Psyker" squad in a Chimera at full strength combined with a Deamon Prince of Slaanesh with the psychic power Pavane of Slaanesh; which states:

"Make a leadership test for a random model. If the test is failed the unit/model takes a wound with no armour or cover save. Continue until a leadership test is passed or the unit is destroyed"

Do you see how this would destroy blobs, Paladin, Wraith plus Mind Shackle Lords, Deamons, Terminators, and so on and so on.

Yes, there is a chance your opponent will roll a double 1....more likely you will delete the squad. No, it is not guaranteed...but here are some more things going for the combo.

Weaken resolve has 36"+ plus range; Pavane has a 24" range...on a flying monstrous creature (FMC) both work effectively at up to 36". This gives you a chance to fire it a second time if needed before the nastiness gets to you.

Both are done in the shooting phase, just do Weaken Resolve first.

Additionally, Pavane is a "Focused Witchfire" so, keep track of your psychic test roll and of course start with the model most dangerous/supportive for the enemy unit. Such as say an Ethereal, Eldrad, Coteaz, etc.

This is possible to repeat up to 6 times a game...very nasty when you can potentially delete squads.

Now there are four points of failure (2 psychic tests and 2 deny the witch rolls)...however the reward is huge. A double 1 leadership roll is a 1 in 36 chance, so more than likely the squad will disappear.

It is possible for your opponent to roll their invul saves, but that does not stop the power, they have to keep going until they pass a leadership roll.

Now you will need to dilute your Deamon list to fit in some IG allies, but since when has IG allies been a bad thing?  I would throw in a vet squad and chimera for scoring (or two small foot units if you want to save on points), possibly a Vendetta and a Mortar of choice...Griffin, Medusa, Manticore, etc.

You heard it here first.  A very effective way to delete tough units. Thanks for the read,



  1. Nice combo, thanks for finding, I'll try it soon, I think. I've found recently that I have nothing to counter multiple Riptide Tau cadres, even those nasty heldrakes were not very helpful.

    1. Your welcome. Let me know how it works for you.

  2. haha, that is completely disgusting, i love it!

  3. Except that this combo has been all over the Internet for quite awhile. Google it.

    1. Few things left in the world are truly original. However, I did Google it and did not see it in my searches. It is also novel in my area....but alas, someone somewhere thought of it as biggee.

      Thanks for the comment though!

  4. There is another flaw, even Weaken Resolve is done during your Shooting Phase, it's not a Witchfire and so can not be cast from inside the Chimera.

    In 5th Edition, all IG players were playing with the Psyker Battle Squad: Weaken Resolve + Tons of Shooting = Flee out of the table. At that time, the fragile PBS could cast Weaken Resolve from the Chimera, but not in 6th anymore, so you would have to let them out of the Chimera which will make them a very juicy target.

  5. You are correct. But it is more a limitation, than a flaw. As with many vulnerable, but deadly units, target saturation or threat saturation is your friend.

    Thanks much for the input and read!



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