Monday, December 30, 2013

The 40K Tournament Sky is NOT Falling. Remain Calm

I do not write too many editorials, as I want my fun time Hobby to be, well, a fun time. Editorials by the name alone are all serious and reflect on those “concerning” things, and all.

Despite my avoidance, I was compelled to talk a minute about Tournament 40K. The “Net” is abuzz on how the current rules set, Over The Top (OTT) army lists, and rapid release schedule of  codex’s, supplements, detachments, special detachments, super special detachments, data slates, etc. are making the Tournament waters so muddied…we must all run and hide and just stop organizing tournaments all together!! Hurry run!! Competitive 40K is dead, dead I tell you….”It’s over man, Game Over!”

I would advocate, everyone just take a deep breath. Tournaments are fun for almost all the people that think tournaments are fun….and well, that is quite a few people. To just eliminate that entire aspect of the hobby is an overreaction.

One tournament at a time, the community will need to set the boundaries of rules, etc. that it wants to use. They do not all have to match across the globe immediately. A definition of “Standard 40k” is not a pre-requisite for organization of your local event.

All this stuff will wash out in time. Most TO’s have the general pulse of their local gaming group or attendees and can amend their Tournament packages accordingly.

The simplest course would be; if it is not in the Big Rule Book (BRB) or your army’s codex, you cannot take it. Alternatively, you can try to factor all the myriad combinations and see what ones you want to ban, I would personally loath trying to do the latter and just keep it as simple as possible. I mean we have set limitations before. Like when 6th came out….ala; no dual force org. In fact, I don’t think I have ever attended a tournament where that parameter WAS in effect.

The Tournament Sky is not falling. “Competitive 40k” is not dead. There is just stuff you can take in today’s event and stuff you cannot. Decide if you want to play with your toys or not; pretty simple. It does work and has worked the same way on campaigns, fluff, and pickup games ever since I started playing over 10 years ago. Now is no different. There are just more options available; which is an awesomely good thing.

The TO’s and community will find common ground and equalize to what most people will enjoy…it has been so for several years and will continue to be so. So everyone, breath, breath deep of the wonders of choice we all currently have and plan to attend your next local tournament for a good time.

I came up with a few TO guidelines that may or may not be helpful, anyone feel free to use any or all; or none because you think they suck, when next you organize a tournament.

“There can be only one” – You are limited to ONE choice/selection from outside your codex. You may choose a single supplement, ally, detachment, etc. Fortifications contained in the Big Rule Book do not count towards this limitation despite also being included in a supplement. This applies to any unit from outside your codex, regardless of a rule indicating otherwise.

“Basket of Eggs” – You may not exceed 500 points spent for any non-troop unit. This does not include Super Heavies, Lords of War, or Gargantuan Creatures. (Modify as needed based on points limit of event)
“It takes up a lot of space!” – Super Heavies, Lords of War, and Gargantuan Creatures are allowable. However, they are affected by “There can be only one.” In addition, an equal amount of points spent on the unit in question must be spent on troops.

“Beware, the Veil Grows Thin!” – Units containing 2 or more psykers with the IC rule are limited to a maximum of 5 warp charges expended per game turn for the combined unit. Also, beginning on 3rd psychic test attempted by the said unit, all failed psychic tests lose ALL ability to be rerolled, no matter the war gear or special rules. Beginning on the 4th psychic test, all successful psychic tests must be rerolled and failed rolls cannot be rerolled.

Looking forward to my next tournament and thanks for the read,



  1. This is undoubtedly a thorny issue, but no...Tournament 40k isn't 'over,' cuz gamers are still going to want to come together and get their game on, FLGS's still want to promote their store and the community their fostering, and TO's still want to organize and facilitate these events, and maybe make a few bucks in the process.
    Those things alone will keep the tournament scene going, at least on the local level. As far as the big events go- Adepticon, NOVA, Battle for Salvation, Feast of Blades, etc, people will keep showing up simply because those are big, geeky, hobby parties every year. A good time is usually had by all, so they'll continue to be a good time, year after year.

    In some ways, the game is kinda secondary to the social aspect of these events, especially the big tournaments, so while there may be changes to the format or whatever, gaming is just one of the many reasons to attend.

    Competitive 40k, the way we knew it in 5th Edition, is very dead, however. Comp and ban lists are pretty much inevitable. Right now, TO's like MVB and a bunch of others are throwing everything and anything against the wall to see if it will stick. No matter what happens, however, the whole 'No Comp,' hardcore competitive 40k scene is a wrap. That was the entire basis of events like 'Ard Boyz, NOVA and others.
    GW killed 'Ard Boyz, and it remains to be seen what will happen with NOVA, but I'll be watching with an amused eye.
    Cuz not for nuthin,' but the whole 'Ermahgerd, 40k am broken!' thing is pretty darn funny. I's a game...with lil' toy soldiers...I do this for fun, for a hobby...freaking out about Super Heavies and Fortifications? Nah.
    It IS worth a laugh, though!

    Happy New Year from the House of Paincakes!

  2. All good points, sir!

    Thanks for read!



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