Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let's Roll in the New Year!

I am mercifully not doing a "2013: The Year in Review" post.

I have instead updated "Painting Point System" page with a little info.

I have also uploaded my 2014 work out plan and weight goals on the "2014 Training" page. If i get all my lifting goals, I should look like this guy!....well maybe a paler, fatter, less muscular version....well maybe we will both be bald and have facial hair?!

Check them out if your interested.

You can also find my goals in the side bar, and further down you can find some links to a couple successful lifts I had at the 2013 Fall APF Power Lifting meet.

I am still working on my Iron Hawks Scouts army and will post pictures as I get them done and hopefully get some games in with them.

I have purchased and downloaded the rules for Kill Team and they are pretty cool. I think I will work on a Henchmen list from Codex Inquisition and of course my Iron Hawks.

I am attending a local tournament on Jan 11 at Flat Land Games. For this I will be playing Chaos Marines/Black Legion as I have made a commitment to only play games with painted my choices are not quite limited.

Look for progress posts on my ongoing pages and reports on my gaming in the new year.

Thanks for the read,


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