Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chaos Marines Take Win at Local Tournament

Beginning third turn I saw I started to back off. Tabling my opponent was not required to obtain the win, so I put some units out to get shot up, but protected the objectives and held on to end of game for the win.

So I had a proud moment recently.... I won a local tournament with a fully painted army. Despite the temptation I decided to bring only painted models, so I made the best list I could with what I had:

5 Plague Marines, 2 plasma
5 Plague Marines, 2 melta, mb, rhino, dirge caster
10 Plague Zombies
5 Spawn with MoN
5 Spawn with MoN
Obliterator MoN
Obliterator MoN
Defiler, TL Lascannon, 2 Havoc Launchers, dirge Caster, soul blaze
Imperial Bastion w/quad gun

I opted out for allies, forge world, formations, or data slates...all of which were allowed. Point total as 1500.

Game 1

Pure Necrons. 4 Objectives, Dawn of War.
List from memory was:
10-15 warriors
2 Annihilation Barges
6 Wraiths w/whip coils
Storm Lord
3 or 4 Night Scythes w/5-10 Warriors ea (can't remember exactly)
Aegis Defence Line w/quad gun

Here is a pic of my deployment.

In all three games I started the Zombie and Rhino squad with melta in reserve.

We had some discussion on rules to get started but worked them out and ended the game on a positive note.

I have faced Necrons many times. I focused my limited fire power on on the wraiths first two turns because I did not want them to tie up my spawn. I knew I could not get caught in the open versus the annihilation barges and night scythes.

My spawn and Typhus rushed the woods in the middle of the table and got the lord and large unit of warriors in assault the second turn, killing them and threatening the lord. Oblits and melta took down the remaining wraiths and anny barges.

Game 2

Tau w/Tau Allies (*Not sure I have all the units right, but from memory)

Guy from supplement with the 4d6 deny the witch relic
Unit of marker drones
2 Riptides one from each from codex and supplement
Unit of suits with missile pods and some drones
Commander with suits with TL fusion guns, some drones
2 units of 10-12 Kroot
A forge world flyer with a bajillion shots

This game was in my favor when 3 things happened....

The mission was Big Guns Never Tire on the Football Field. First I won roll for sides and took the side that had best cover. Second, that roll gave me 2 objectives to his 1. Third I did not do anything stupid and played the mission.

While he advanced I focused all fire on the marker light unit, which he had an IC with that ended up giving me first blood and removing all but two of the marker lights

Basically I castled up and made him come to me, weathering his shooting and bubble wrapping my Defiler in kind a false show of my concern for it. He saw this coming turn two and made a move Deep Striking in and blowing up my bastion.

He did not jump back far enough and Typhus and Spawn caught him in assault, this allowed me to leap frog that Typhus and spawn and eventually they accounted for the a Commander and suit squad, a Riptide, a Kroot squad, and  the missile suit squad.

Meanwhile I took the hits from the other riptide, finally tying it up in CC with Plague Marines. My second spawn squad used the two remaining marker drones to get an assault to help me get to his backfield objective and clear the Kroot off.

This was a solid tournament Tau list and I was lucky the objectives and deployment went my way...then I did not screw it up... ;)

Game 3
Scouring with Diagonal Deployment.

List was:
Lord that can score and switch bodies if killed ...Trazyn?
Mind Shackle Lord
10 Immortals
20 Warriors
Ghost Ark
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
30 Zombies
5 CSM;s

Sorry, no pics...was getting tired and concentrating.

In this game I ended up losing first turn and choice of deployment, but ended up with a 4, 3, and 2 objective.

In summary, my opponent made a big push for the 4pt objective with Typhus and spawn, Ghost Ark, Monolith, and 20 or so warriors. I made a fake push to defend it, a Oblit blowing up the Monolith then holding the flank with zombies and defiler.

Meanwhile on Spawn unit clear the right side of the table holding a 2, 2, 3 point objective. The second spawn unit ran after the back end of the strung out zombie/Typhus unit engaging lightly on the far end...this made them all turn around and head back from where they came. Turn five saw me holding 4 objectives to 0 for the tournament win.

So I was really pleased to finally take an all painted list to a tournament and come out on top. I ended up picking up some paints with the store creds.

List Review:

Typhus...outstanding...sometimes lack of eternal warrior and T5 is a liability for getting tapped out, but he did very well.

Spawn w/MoN...can not say enough about these guys their speed plus toughness just lets you do so much.

Defiler...I used the Havoc launchers more than the battle was a big and expensive deterrent, I forgot to use the soul blaze all day and range on the dirge caster is too short to be used by this list.

Rest of the list was as expected, though the Oblits were also very productive. Single oblits rist giving a KP, do not fail just die. But juggling the weapons is very useful.

Here is the list moving to 1850 and after a few tweaks...I have not worked it all out, but this is the direction, though I keep juggling the HQ's and 2 or 3 units of spawn:

Lord, Jugger, Ax of Blind Fury
5 Spawn
5 Spawn
3 x 10 cultists
3 x 1 Oblits with MoN
10 Noise Marines w/2 Blast masters, 3 sonic blasters
Imperial bastion

Black Legion Allies
Lord on Bike, MoN, 4+ invul, Hand of Death, Spineshiver blade
10 cultists
1 Oblit with MoN
5 Spawn with MoN

Time to get 40 cultists, an Oblit, and a Lord in a tall order for me.

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