Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update: Painting Challenge and Power Lifting Meet next weekend!

Time for an update on a couple things this blog is about: 40k and Weight Lifting:

A "Thank You" to Dark Future Games for the tip off to the Independent Characters 2014 Painting Challenge. It has begun, but there is plenty of time to get in on the action. I signed up to the Forum and got all my stuff up and running with little you could too!

(Follow the links above to review those items if you wish. You can follow my progress HERE)

This is a pic of where I am going with my Iron Hawk Space Marines painting wise:

Next Up I am competing in a "Push/Pull" Power Lifting meet next Saturday the 8th of February. You can see my Training Log Page up top or Click Here.

Push/Pull means Bench Press and Dead Lift. I am hoping to hit the 275lb class Masters II RAW. Raw means no lifting suit or knee wraps. I also chose to not use wrist straps or a weight lifting belt; which are allowed.

Hoping on Pulling 475lb+ and Bench 390lb+ for a total somewhere over 850lbs. Wish me luck. Here is a vid from last years Bench Only meet....and, yeah those singlets are required and oh so uncomplimentary...unless your The Rock!

And  link to my Last meet where I Dead Lifted and set Personal Record: is best not to take yourself too seriously..."Hairless Albino Hill Troll" kinds sums up how I feel about wearing that singlet....hehe.

Anyways, for those interested....thanks much for the read,



  1. Hey I randomly found your blog recently and I love it. I do Crossfit competitively (No seriously I know what you are thinking but I mean actually competitively like I weigh 190 and can pull 425 and also run a marathon) so I know what it's like to train with lifting and spend my nights painting models and obsessing over Warhammer fiction. In any case I love the blog good luck at your meet and keep the content coming!

    1. Shayne,

      Thanks for the positive comments and good luck to you! That is a good pull at that body weight.

      You made me think of this long discussion I had with some lifters about running a fast mile vs a big bench press. In other words, a 500lb bench and a 5 minute mile would be heroic epic speed and strength and unlikely to have ever been recorded. Thanks for the read!



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