Thursday, November 6, 2014

Inquisitor Lord Thaddues from Soul Drinkers Omnibus

I just finished the first Soul Drinker’s Omnibus. In it was an Inquisitor named Thaddeus. Thaddeus was dispatched to hunt down the Soul Drinkers; namely Sarpedon and assassinate him for turning from the Imperium.

Through the climax of the story line what Thaddeus comes to realize is that Sarpedon fights, or believes he fights, for the Emperor. Fighting for the “Ideal” that the Emperor represents, one of freedom from tyranny and exploitation. Freedom to choose your own path of honor instead of grim, soulless servitude to an Imperium uncaringly churning along using itself as its own fuel.

The Soul Drinkers see the Imperium as nothing more than another entity seeking to enslave the human race and reduce it to so much bio-matter used to feed a decadent system.

Thaddeus and Sarpedon manage a last second alliance to destroy a heinous creature wrought by the fool hardy experimentation of mutated gene seed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. This created entity has destroyed half a system of worlds and threatens to break free of forces sent to contain and destroy it.

Despite hunting Sarpedon for most of the middle book of the Omnibus, Thaddeus is forced to choose the greater of two evils and sides with Sarpedon; assisting him when near death so the creature may be destroyed. Afterwards both were forced to rapidly depart the beleaguered planet as it was overrun by thousands of mindless diseased zombie like creatures, now purposeless beyond the need to kill the living with the death of their driving consciousness……..

……6 Terran months after his encounter with Sarpedon. Long months of explaining again and again the final sequence of events that saw such priceless resources consumed and Sarpedon escaping, Thaddeus turned to look upon the large crate recently found on an outlying moon by Imperial search and rescue crews near the last know location of the Soul Drinkers. A large containment pod with Thaddeus’ name printed in deep set purple and gold.

Thaddeus had not donned any of the relics, despite them all being subjected to all 666 cleansing rituals. The items in the crate were deemed free of any deamonic influence or other discernable taints. Now however Thaddeus was tasked with putting down a particularly nasty Genestealer infestation and took stock of the tools at his disposal. Out of necessity and curiosity, Thaddeus reviewed the contents of the containment pod one more time.

When he responded to the information of its discovery he was the first to open the pod. In it were obvious Inquisitorial relics of great antiquity. A terminator suit made for an un-altered human of above average stature, a relic psy-cannon much lighter and smaller than current versions, and an extremely rare concussion ax that combined the power of current day thunder hammers with the lighter heft and focused edge of a battle ax.

These items were worth the price of worlds and the name of the Inquisitor who once wore them into battle was lost despite Thaddeus’ best efforts.

What Thaddeus did not release for inspection was the note which read, “May you find these weapons of use in your battle to eradicate the enemies of the Emperor. May you preserve freedom and truth above all else.  –S” ………

So when building and painting the force coiling in my imagination from the Omnibus I wanted to put represent Thaddeus’ durability and use of specialized ammunition. I did this by choosing an Ordo Malleous Inquisitor Lord in terminator armour with psy-cannon and thunder hammer. As written above the psy-cannon is much smaller and more powerful than recent issue and the Ax has unique abilities unable to be reproduced in the current age.

When I had gone through all my bits and models after moving I had placed this model aside as a possible Inquisitor Lord. Partly because being older it had the right stature compared to current marine sized models.

Additionally it looked old. I attempted to paint it to look old. I chose purple and gold on the Ad arm and some accents to tie into the Soul Drinkers and demonstrate a growing understanding that Thaddeus may be contemplating as  he ponders the Soul Drinkers parting with the Imperium and continuing fight against Chaos.

Sorry for the wall of text, but felt like writing that out.

Thaddeus is all done save the basing…which I will plan for a day soon and base a host of models all at once. Thaddeus will also get a psyber-skull that I need to finish up to complete his compliment of war gear.

Thanks for the read,

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