Monday, December 8, 2014

Facing the Grey Tide Hobby Challenge

So, I decided to jump in on the FTGT Hobby Challenge. The rules can be found HERE.

Basically you complete about a 1500 point army by assembling and painting a maximum of $75 per month.

I am happy to participate to keep my painting mojo going and give me even a extra bit of motivation.

I am going to use this to get more of my Iron Hawk Space marines up and running.

Since I just getting started on 6 Scout Bikers, seems like a good place to start...only problem is that a 3 man unit of scout bikers is $40 US.

I have to work this out a bit as my Iron Hawks are mostly a
scout army, heavy on the bikes...not sure I can keep it to the budget actually...but will get as close as I can.

So to make this happen for the budget consideration, I guess I will have to paint 3 scout bikers ($40) and 5 bolter scouts ($25) for a total of $65....this will give me $10 to add to next month.

Then just duplicate this next month!

Will take some time plan out the rest of the list as some time goes by...may need to plan on adding some point expensive units that are not too expensive in order to get everything in actually.

Right off we go!

Thanks for the read,



  1. Can you snag some of them off ebay? I think I got a ton of scouts for next to nothing on ebay. They were very unpopular for a bit...though I think they got a surge thanks to the raptor chapter tactics

  2. The rules of the challenge is that they count at the store dollar amount, unless they are Out of Print...then it is whatever you paid for them...I actually have a ton of models that I won, traded, or bought out of the bargain bin then repainted..but for the sake of the challenge the purchase amount is the amount if buying new....



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