Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Training Day: 14 and 15 : December 29-30

Admittedly I fell off the working out and an enormous amount of eating...mysteriously I weigh the same.....

Staggering out of a food coma brought on by all the holiday excess of Christmas cookies, pies, roast beef, stuffing, crackers and cheese, and good wine I nobly waddled after the 'wagon' and took the reins once again....

This time I am armed with my ipad air 2 that I found a wonderful app for; entitled 'MyPlate' which tracks my progress with weight, daily caloric intake, projects caloric intake to meet my goals and assists me to basically know what I am eating...or the amount at least...

I have used this the last two days and it has shown me that I generally underestimate the amount of calories the food I consume contains. Now it is quite easy to do this with a #2 pencil and a $0.50 notebook versus the $700 ipad air2...but it is way cooler on the ipad and much easier.

I also did some research and purchased  a book and dug out my other texts on weight lifting and whole body type work outs. As I still will be concerned with strength ( I always will, that is just me) I will focus on Leg development, flexibility, and complex movements that work my core while minimizing my noticeable physiological imbalances...i.e. my Left army (which has a plate in it) and my Right Leg (which the ankle is fused) resulting in balance, range of motion, and strength differences that are profound.

With this in mind I plan to draft a serious of Work Outs to flip through as I have a mind. It is important to realize that whole body work outs are very effective, but eventually the weight used will make them inefficient and very time consuming....when this happens it is time to develop what is called a "split routine"

Enough blather...

12.29.14 Work Out 1

Body Weight 280lb

  • Warm Up 10 minutes (5 on treadmill, 5 on stair stepper)
  • Stretch & Core (general stretch combined with various plank exercises)
  • Goblet Squat: 100 x 10, 8-2, 6-4
  • Incline Iso Press: 115lb each side 6-4, 6-2, 3-2-2-2
  • Trap Bar DL: 335lb x 6, 5-1, 6
  • Standing OH Press: 135lb x 6, 5-1, 4-2
  • Chin Up: 20 reps with Green band 7, 6-1, 5-1
All exercises are done with High Intensity Training. This means that a weight is picked that you can get about 6 reps with (3 for DL's) then you complete 3 sets of 10 by getting/attempting 6 reps, a 20 sec pause 2-3 more reps and so on until reaching 10 (6 for DL's).

This combines Time Under Tension with Heavier loads. While I know I am out of shape, I can tell you I was breathing hard starting with the squats until I done. The decreased rest times, saw my poundage decrease per exercise which is tough at first to overcome with an ego.

12.30.14 Active Rest
  • Stretched & Core
  • Moved furniture up and down 2 sets of stairs
  • Generally higher activity than normal for 4-6 hours
The plan I worked out should have me at a strong, fit, muscular 225-230lb by August 1. This is no more than 1.5lb weight loss per week. This pace will allow keeping muscle mass and increasing strength. Building new muscle mass will be medium to low medium. The weight lifting goals you can see in my side bar and remain as my goals in that area.

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  1. EDIT: With H.I.T (High Intensity Training) the rest BETWEEN exercises is limited to no more than 60 seconds or time to set up for next lift....this really works the gas tank...or at least mine....



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