Saturday, January 3, 2015

Iron Hawk FTGT Painting Challenge: Update for December & Goal for January

I missed my goal for December.

I did get 2/3 three scout bikers painted though and the third is 75% done. The scouts are about 40% done.

On the scouts I noticed the squad I chose were all bargain bin out of print models save the rocket launcher, who is a left over from another squad...this is netting me an additional $10 towards future months.

With this in mind my January Goal is:

  • Finish 3rd Scout biker ($45)
  • Finish Scouts....($15)
  • Paint Biker Chapter Master ($15)

If I can accomplish that I will finish the :

  • Land Speeder Storm that is 90% done (pre-FTGT challenge)
  • The second servo Skull for my Inquisitor Thaddeus (pre-FTGT challenge)
  • Re-Paint Predator Annihilator (pre-FTGT challenge)

With $150 for December and Jan minus $75 from above...I will have $150 going into February Challenge.

Possible Units:

3 Space Marine Bikers (2 Grav Guns) ($40 + $5 bits)
3 Space Marine Bikers, one outfitted as sgt. with combi-grav and melta bomb ($40)
1 Multi Melta Attack Bike (Bargin Bin out of print model $15)
Total= $100 ($50 for March Challenge)

Thanks for the read,


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  1. Doing excellent progress on the FTGT challenge! Keep it up!



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