Sunday, January 18, 2015

FTGT Hobby Challenge : List Plans

I like to use Hobby Challenges from various sources to help me aspire to get more models painted.

Currently I am participating in the "Facing the Grey Tide" blog Challenge.

Here is a link to my January Challenge. I think I will up the ante for myself a little bit.

If I can complete any of my monthly challenges I will order one of these babies for myself:

Now, mine will not be filled with anime stuff, only 40k for my gents.

This way I will have a nice place to store my hard work!

Additionally, I have been working through a core 1250 point list that will play to the fluff of my army, be solid on the table top, have some answers for most things, and meet most any Highlander type list construction parameters.

Here is what I have come up with:

  • Captain: Bike, storm shield, Emp Wrath, power fist, artificer armor: 190
  • Scout squad : #10, 4 Bolter, one HB with Hellfire rounds, 4 Shot guns, 1 Sgt with melta bombs and storm bolter, Land Speeder Storm with Heavy Flamer : 178
  • Tac Squad: #10, Drop Pod, Hvy Bolter, melta gun, Sgt with melta bomb and combi flamer : 210
  • Bike Squad: #5, 2 Grav guns, 1 Sgt with melta bomb and combi-grav, multi-melta attack bike : 184
  • Scout Biker Squad: #6, Sgt with melta bomb and combi-grav, 3 grenade launchers : 138
  • Storm Talon with SkyFire Missile Launcher : 125
  • 3 Land Speeder Storms: Heavy Bolter and Cyclone Missile Launchers : 225
1250 Points on the nose:

From there I would like add an ally leaving a solid 600 point block for 1850 games. For the Iron Hawks I would add possibly a command squad, additional HQ, Thunder Fire, etc...but give or take a little tweaking...that is the core I think I will run with for my Iron Hawks.

While the 1250 does not have a large amount of fat to trim...there is some room should I want to squeeze things in...i.e. cut a scout biker or some melta bombs etc. Non-Highlander events I can build out the Scout theme with more scouts and scout bikers etc. Which I still plan on doing.

But like all things, one step at a time.

Thanks for the read,


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