Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Return of....some guy that writes on a blog few people know about, and fewer care about!!

It has been quite some time since my last post.

I have not rage quit 40K or sold any of my models.

I am still hitting the gym and doing some good work.

I have painted many, many models and competed in the 2015 MI GT.

I have changed the fluff background for my Iron Hawks and am so totally enjoying painting right now...right!, Whaaat?!...if you know me you know this to be a 180 degree turn around from years gone past where grey plastic was the table top standard for me.

In fact in my first GT appearance I snaked a top 6 placing in Army Appearance.

More to come my loyal 0 to 1 followers (Do people even read blogs anymore? Or has StupidBook taken over the world).

Promise pics in future posts.




  1. Congrats on top 6! Congrats on keeping up the gym! Those are great accomplishments!

    There is still a pretty big blogger community, though some have moved to the books and the twitters.

    1. Thank you Greg. Will work towards getting more regular content on blog. Thanks for the feedback!



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