Friday, October 9, 2015

Tactics: Dealing with Psyker Death Stars

I recently attended the MI GT and saw or played against some very tough lists.

Currently a very common theme is the SM Librarian Conclave Formation.

It was in maybe 20/60 lists. Also prevalent where Psyker heavy Deamon or Eldar...or worse yet Deamon and Eldar lists. Dealing with Psykers is a must in current competitive play.

Much attention is given to Invisibility, but many other powers have game changing affects.

We know by now that the Culexus is the BEST counter to psykers in the game.

However keeping him alive, even with his great rules, and getting him to the right part of the battle field is another thing.

Here is a decent solution, albeit with some point investment. I have used the Culexus in 10 tournament games now and I struggle to keep him where the action is, or not over commit him. I tend to get all excited about his shooting attack, over commit, and get him dusted.

Since the GT I have been mulling over how to best use him without harming my overall list.

Here is the simplest solution I have come up with. Enter the Storm Raven gunship taken as a Fast Attack source.

Putting a Culexus in a Storm Raven will provide him excellent maneuverability. One must kill the Storm Raven to get to the Culexus or slow him down. A flyers natural durability gives him a enormous advantage. This is exacerbated by all or nothing lists that take no anti-air, almost guaranteeing he will be within his 12" range with is ability to nullify psykers.

Additionally, that bubble size will increase dramatically as it will extend 12" from the entire hull of the model.

The Storm Raven is an assault vehicle, so as long as you do not move over 6" he will be able to choose his place and time for a pin point assault.

This is not a bad investment as the Storm Raven remains effective anti-air or anti-infantry fire unit depending on how you load it out. I would tend use it for anti-air. Additionally it is not half bad with a TL Lascannon and TL MM to fire on Knights or other big baddies.

The ability to deliver a dread naught across the table into CC with a recently nerfed unit containing psykers is also a plus.

Putting your Culexus in a Storm Raven allows your anti-psyker unit to keep up with fast moving the popular Super Friend ulta-unit. Thus allowing you to at least target the unit normally, though you may still need to get past Re-Roll Jink and/or 2+/3+ host of saves.

The point investment her is noticeable, but not painful... 340 points (200 for the Raven, 140 for the Culexus)...not really that heavy a price tag if it can pull some other duty once in a while.

Depending on how your dice treat you, investing in a way to increase the reliability of your Culexus/Storm Raven combo to come in turn two may be warranted. Tigerius is nice with his reserve reroll or a Comms Relay etc.

Hope this helps some of you deal with uncontrolled psykers populating the game tables near you,


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