Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Back Into It

 It has been a little while since I regularly posted and I am happy to say I feel like getting back into it.

Felt right to start off showing a couple pics of my upgraded study/hobby/workout/man cave area.

Feel fortunate that 90% of the basement is left to do with as I please.

A good fair number of 40k games have already taken place in this hallow subterranean environs.

I general do my assembly, storing, and basing at the work station pictured. I paint mostly in my den. I will throw a pic up of that soon.

For me, I have been painting quite a bit and actually have some models to show for it. I have wrapped them together in some fluff that sounds cool to me and will present some of that in posts to come.

On the second shelf in the first pic is my lined up painting projects for the winter...there are of course many, many more unpainted models lurking throughout the basement as well. From Orks to Necrons to Chaos to Space Marine.

Then there is the top shelf that seems to grow by two boxes or blisters for every one I take down to work on. Recently added were another Imperial Bastion and a Storm Raven I won in a recent raffle tournament on November 7.

Will add the Storm Raven to my Pathfinder Space Marines and likely convert the bastion so the Heavy Bolters are more useful.

All for now and thanks for the read,


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