Friday, November 27, 2015

Bran Clear Eye, Way Finder ( Pathfinder Space Marines Chapter Master )

Bran Clear Eye, Way Finder of the Pathfinder Space Marines.

Bran is the current Chapter Master and carries the Pathfinder gene-seed.

The Way Finder unites the Pathfinder Tribes and interprets the information that comes from the various sources employed by the Chapter to root out strips of information regarding lost brothers, lost relics, and of chapters nearly wiped out by enemies of the Imperium.

The Pathfinders are well supported by Terra and often ally with the Inquisition, other Space Marine Chapters, the DeathWatch, and various other Imperial forces as the situation requires.

Their ability and dedication in tracking and retrieving lost heroes and relics alike sees them hard pressed at times to choose the correct path.

The Way Finder holds that duty sacred and carries the burden that comes with it.

For to save one brother, may mean the death of another.

The Pathfinder chapter symbol can be seen on Bran's iron steed Storm Strider and on his left pauldron. It is a combination of American Indian and Nordic symbols for a Hawk and the All Seeing Eye/Wise Man.

Each returned brother will carry this symbol somewhere on his armor and may also carry his original chapter symbol.

Pathfinder's carry this and other symbols depicting their position. rank, battle honors, and squad designations. Bran is equipped with WayBreaker an ancient relic powerfist, Shield of Storm, Artificier armour, and as mentioned his iron steed Storm Strider.

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