Monday, November 30, 2015

Pathfinder Space Marines; Brother Ngorn of the Mortifactors

This was another lost battle brother I added to my Pathfinder Space Marines.

Brother Ngorn of the Mortifactors.

Ngorn was thought lost in battle during the Thrakean campaign.
The Thrakean campaign was fought primarily in the hive city of Thrakea IV. While clearing an assigned area of the city of cultists Ngorn's squad was struck by a direct ordnance hit, collapsing a large building.

Ngorn remains uncertain if any other squad members survived. The destructive blast and ensuing collapse of the building  on Ngorn's squad forced a structural   weakness in the main floor of the building they patrolled.. Ngorn awoke separated from his squad deep in the Thrakea IV sewer system.

Such was the expanse of the ancient sewer system and apparent distance the collapse and current of effluent had transported Ngorn while unconscious that he lost contact with his squad.

Ngorn reports extricating himself from the sewer system took over 6 months and saw him fight his way by hand through hordes of mutants and cultists.

His path took him by chance or fate to the seat of corruption on the hive world where he overcame the cultist overseer, a Slaanesh Chaos Marine named Slitherton,  by the slimmest of margins.

Ngorn has decided to remain in service to the Pathfinders until his ancestors speak to him of a new purpose. This appears to be a facet of the this unique chapter's close link with it's chosen dead and is not fully understood by the Imperium.

What is understood by all is that Ngorn is stalwart and relentless in his pursuit of the great enemy. Ngorn also demonstrates an almost preternatural knowledge of where a foe will strike next giving him a great advantage in battle.

I enjoyed painting this guy after finding some really good blogs and work done by others. I intend to do a few more Mortifactors or even some vehicles in this scheme.

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