Monday, February 29, 2016

Light Box Practice + Weight Lifting Update

Still practicing with the home made light box. Changed the set up a bit to let more light in and that helped quite a bit.

This a LSS for my Pathfinders, from the Desert Talon Tribe that I recently decided on the Tribal symbols for.

I plan to finish up the 10 man squad this month and get the symbols added.

This pic is closer to what I am this is very close to my naked eye and a much better pic than what I have gotten in the working on it!

Weight Lifting:

2.28.16 was Upper Body, Over load day

Kept it simple but heavy:
Started with Flat Bench 235 x 10, 275 x 10, 295 x 8, 315 x5 ( in lbs)
Followed with some partials with 405, 425, and 455lbs
Finished with some Pause reps with 315

In between sets I completed 7 sets of 10 on various grip pull ups and 5 sets of Yates Rows with 225lb for 10 reps each.

Good and spent by the end and got to play with some big boy weights. Felt good.

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