Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One Hour a Night Painting Challenge Feb + Lifting Update

Feb Painting challenge crashed and burned and I did not complete the Salamander Land Speeder Storm for my Pathfinders.

You can see the partially done model in the back ground of the pic.

I will carry on!!!

March 2016 I have declared the month of "The Clean Up" and the challenge resolves around getting a host of partially finished models done and off the 'On Deck' shelf and into the display case.

That list includes:

  • Finish Salamander LSS and base (which is like 4 models really)
  • 10 Pink Horrors, based and washed so far
  • 6 Gretchin, about 3/4 done
  • 1 Ork Psyker, about 1/3 done
  • 1 Medusan Tech Marine on Bike, about 1/2 done
  • 3 Chaos hounds to be repainted as Fenrisian Wolves
  • 4-6 Sons of Jaghatai, about 1/2 done
  • 1 Salamander Stern guard, primed and partially based
  • 5 Desert Talon Pathfinders need squad markers
  • 1 LSS for said Desert Talon Pathfinders needs markings
  • 4 Desert Talon Scouts from near scratch
  • 9 Nurglings, based and washed
  • 1 Nurgle Herald based and washed
A tall order but feeling the mojo currently...and I really need to boost my purchase to paint I know I will be picking up the Death Watch box set that has like 50 models in it.

Weight Lifting (WL)

Yesterday was heavy dead lift and run.

I worked up to a heave single of 475lbs that felt hard, but confident. Felt good as I have not lifted that heavy in training for over a year and very geeked that this spring will see me finally dead lifting in the 5 plate+ clubs in training. This has been a long road.

Worked up to a quick 330lb close grip bench to work out some soreness

Finished with 2.5 miles in 30 minutes for cardio...and shoveled beautiful MI snow for 30 minutes before AND after my work out for extra cardio!

Body weight was 263lb on the nose today.

Thanks for the read,


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