Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pink Horrors and Gretchen: 1 Hour a Night 2016 Painting Contest Update

I completed some work on the 2016 1 Hour a Night painting challenge for March

Finished 10 Pink Horrors and 6 Gretchen.

This brings my Paint to Purchase ratio for 2016 to 33/0.

I was worried the DeathWatch game would set be back...but 2015 Tax Bill solved that dilemma for my as I can not spend the money free of guild until that responsibility is resolved. Guessssss....that is a good thing :(

These two batches were repaints or finishing something that has sit on a shelf partially done for over a year...probably like 5+ for the Gretchen

Felt good to knock them out.

Thanks for the read!

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