Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Objective Marker 5.13.12

Lot's to cover and so little time!

Many things have occurred since the last installment. I scarcely have time to do justice to all of them. So I will summarize in a bullet list and indicate those things I can return to comment on later.

Right, let's get started!

Last issues Objectives were:
  • Complete two Fen Wolves
  • Base colors on Lone Wolf
  • Re-Take pics of the Gretchen and post (pics are washed out and do not reflect the hard work!)
  • Get half way through book "Know No Fear"
  • Settle on 2250 point Space Wolves army list for 4.28.12 tournament
  • Determine/implement changes to training routine
  • Formally Begin Nutrition Plan
I completed the following:
  • Read "Know No Fear"
  • Began Nutrition Plan
  • Rest = Fail
Not too stellar when looking at that list. But here is what I have been able to do since last post:
  • Took over all responsibilities from our Program Manager. This puts me third in company overseeing...well everything. Got a raise and a company car. Will be traveling every Mon/Tue about 300 miles and 100 miles every Friday.
  • Planned and attended Retirement Party for long time friend and co-worker...see first item.
  • Worked 60+ hours per week...see first item...heh!
  • Kept working out 2 on 1 off...see Training Page for recent updates on progress
  • Started Nutrition Plan...see Nutrition Page for details
  • Attended 4.28.12 40k Tournament
    • Ended up taking Chaos Marines
    • Took 5th place...could have taken 1st or 2nd....a story here for sure
    • Took some pics
    • Will do Battle Summary soon
  • Followed all the delicious rumors of 6th edition and Chaos comment until see paper
  • Decided to begin new project
    • My local gaming group is starting a Badaab War escalation league/campaign
    • Start with 500 points and work up to 2000
    • Models to be painted
    • I selected Raptor Space Marines
    • Look for a new Project Page, Army Lists and Pics
    • Started on first Tac Squad
    • Have several Army lists I am considering, but will be heavy on infantry and bikes as troops
  • Half way through Void Stalker and 100 pages into the Soul Drinker's Omnibus
So there you have a summarized list of what I have been up to. I plan to follow up with the Tournament summary and Raptor Project Info this week if at all possible.

Next Installments Objectives:
  • Finish Void Stalker
  • Post Battle Summary for 4.28.12 Tournament
  • Create Raptor Project Page and post progress, including finalized Army list
  • Finish Test Models
  • Retake pics of Gretchin
  • Get some Tank Bustas Painted
  • Work on Lone Wolf
 As always thanks for the read,


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